iOS/ Obj C Quick reference and Cheat sheets

Carry coding tips always with you using the nice cheat sheets and quick reference guides available in the below links…
1. A guide on sizes and shapes of icons and images required

2. A general reference guide on the ObjC syntaxes
OBJECTIVE-C Reference sheet

3. Objective C quick reference
Objective-C iPhone Reference Guide

4. A quick reference on blocks

Sybase Unwired Platform:iOS Fav Links

Here are some of my favorite links which tells about some tips on SUP iOS Dev.

1. Application Sequence

Application Sequence

2. Concepts Of Load Parameter And Sync Parameter

Concepts Of Load Parameter And Sync Parameter

My Favourite iOS Tutorials

As I an iOS developer, I believe it is my duty to share or help other developers to find the resources that they need for their learning and development. So I am starting this post and I going to put links to the different tutorials and sites that gave me useful information and which can be useful to others…so here we go

Some of the best

Old but good

OpegGL iPhone Gaming

List of standard URL Type Identifiers

Share Data


Callbacks Using blocks

CallbacksWithBlocks 2


Core Animations

Reusable Controls
A huge list of reusable controls with source code

again there are more but these are some that I came across.

iPad + Adobe Ideas + Procreate = Cool Artist

I am never been less crazy about Art, it is always in my blood…to become a good comic artist is my dream…where you can bring your imagination into life and yeah things not just easy and you have to try hard and hard and thats what I am doing. I keep on practising with my pencil and also looking for digital arts. Recently I bought Inkling, it was promising but it lacked bringing life to the things that I draw, so now my thought focussed to Cintiq again..yeah yeah costly stuff..but then my eyes caught to the these two apps for iPad, Adobe Ideas and Procreate. They just saved my money from buying Cintiq. These apps are so smooth and elegant which is the right choice for an artist. Now for me both the apps has their on features and disadvantages, for me I combine my drawings with these two apps and make my final drawing ( yeah…always I am only on the lowest steps for becoming the finest one :-) ). One great advantage that Adobe Ideas has is its pixel depth, all the drawings are vector and you can zoom and zoom and zoooom . Procreate has a wide range of brushes, textures etc, they are the best for an artist who draw scenaries (not saying it is not capable of other things). I love both and my confidence is improving.

THANKS A LOT to the developers…and yeah I am also an iOS developer but not this great he he…

Adobe Ideas:-


One of my video on procreate….I make rough sketches on my paper and take photo and trace them…not yet
reached in making finest drawing directly in the ipad..please see the video titled Procreate in my entertainment page.

WordLens- A creative translator

I am not that used to buying paid apps from appstore :) , but there are some apps which made me pay for, after seeing their features and one among them is the app WordLens. This is an app with coverts anytext which is shown infront of the camera to the language that you want (ofcourse the supported language), say if you are in another country and you see a signboard which you cannot read, take this app show the signborad to it and it will read for you. This app was in Appstore for quite a long time, but recently only they added support to the language that I required and ta-da I bought it and it works like charm. Kudos to the developers, it is worth paying for this app.

Find the app here:-

WordLens In Action

Wacom Inkling

I reached Germany this week as part of my onsite assignment. This weekend I took a stroll into Saturn, one of the biggest Electronics and Electrical store here, I was looking for Wacom Cintiq which is in all digital artist’s wishlist, I knew that it was costly but I want to check it in the store and have a trial. I searched each nook and corner of the store and found it on one of the sections in the store. Cintiq 12WX was there but sad to me there were no trial pieces and as expected it was costing 1200Euro. Bamboo Touch was available for trial. I did some quick drawings with that. While I was browsing through the shelf my eyes caught up in this product Inking, though I knew about this product before, I havent seen it in real. It was in a nice glass box and the best thing was it had 50% discount ;-) . I didnt think anything and just bought it, though I had a doubt about the availability of its refill.

Now coming to the product, its packaging is awesomely compact, its like you are carrying a most advanced weapon. It had a cable, a pen, a base, 4 refills, rechargeable battery for pen. It accurately records all your drawings and have an option playback the way you drawn a figure. The captured image of good vector quality, but I have to say that it never gives the feel of what you have drawn in paper, but with editing in PS you can bring the feel. A few drawbacks in my opinion are pen is big, unable to erase. All in all it is a worthy product in this cost.

After my trial I started looking for refill availability and I found that refills for pen like Lamy suits to this and another one i found is from ONLINE ( I didnt buy it from website but found in a shop.

iball pf 1209 Tablet

I am a proud owner of Wacom Bamboo tab (the small one 4×6 :)). It was a fantastic product for a digital artist, but as my level increased yeah my drawing level increased in due course, I found it difficult with Wacom Bambo as the workspace is very less, I have to zoom, scan pan many time to finish a drawing. So i started looking for an alternative tab with bigger workspace and though my aim is to buy a Cintiq I couldnt opt for it because it is too far away from my budget he he. Intuos was also at a higher cost and then i found iBall pf 1209 tab. It had 12×9 workspace which was really nice and have less cost. Though I was a little sceptical about it, I finally decided to go for it. I bought it from ebay. It was quiet big, the tablet was well built and had good quality. It had many touch based buttons which are very useful and configurable, but the pen was not that well built, you have to insert a AAA battery into the pen. Though you cannot get the Tilt brush effects and all as you get in Wacom, almost all the other stuffs can be done with this too. Overall it is really a worth product.

Parse SDK

As the site says “Parse is the cloud app platform for iOS, Android, JavaScript, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and OS X.” As i could see, this platform provides very useful APIs which will make some of the tougher tasks of a developer very easy. Lazy Image loading, Push Notification, Cloud Handling, Social Networking integration and much more…

Read more on this here PARSE SDK

Sybase Unwired Platform

Mobile application developers can rejoice now, with the arrival of Sybase Unwired Platform. Develop app once and deploy for multiple with minimum development effort. All the webservice handling, database handling, synchronization all will be handled by this platform. When I started learning this, I had trouble in understanding many things, the below are a few links that I found which is good learning the concepts. I developed native apps for iOS with SUP.

1. Application sequences for iOS

Sequence of application initialization

2. SUP Blog

Best MBO Practises, using personalization keys etc

3. SUP API References

Ways to retrieve data from MBO, APIs to be used for synchronization etc.

Blending Sticks Finally

Blending sticks or paper stump is one of the important tool for an artist, I search for a professional one in India…and got one….I was thrashed when I opened the packet…some normal papers were rolled and gummed together…..which I can do :P….but today I got a really nice one from CretaColor, which was really of quality…thanks to flipkart for bringing that to me.

Search for Cretacolor Blending Sticks in Flipkart and njoy