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Method swizzling

The process of changing the implementation of an existing selector. is made possible by Objective-C’s flexible runtime. With a single #import <objc/runtime.h>. This feature has great possibilities when it comes to logging and event tracking. Please see some nice tutorials below, * Method Swizzling * Method Swizzling 2

Render HTML in tvOS- Swift

I had some contents from the backend which are HTML (description of some items). In the iOS App the details are rendered in WebView, now since WebView is not supported in tvOS, I had to beat my head and finally I found a workaround using NSAttributedString and textView and here it is. This will work

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My First Comic Strip

After a long trials, I finally created my first comic strip. The idea was to visualize what will happen to Mortal Kombat good guys if the bad guys disappear suddenly, what will they do? Now image what will happen if they work for a hotel…how the skill match…find it in my comic strip. Here you

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XCode:imageNamed Autocompletion plugin

Its been always a difficult task to write image name for imageNamed: method. You have to be very careful with the spelling and case. I have found this XCode plugin which helps in auto completing the image names, what else you want?? yeah it shows a preview too. here it is Autocomplete

iOS:Categories vs Extension

Its always a hot topic on Categories vs Extension, when to use, where to use etc, I have looked a lot for a good but simple explanation for this, and finally its Apple doc on which I found the nice way of explanation and here is the link CategoriesVsExtension

Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2

Finally got my hands on Wacom Intuos Creative stylus 2. For quite a long time I have been looking for a pressure supported stylus for iPad. ICS1 had AAAA battery which is rarely available in the market in India so I didn’t go for that option. Now I have ICS2, in my view this is

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