These days the toy industry has grown a lot, Transformers, Beyblade, Fantastic 4, Ben 10 etc, but before they came in, we had one of the versatile toy brand of funskool the GI Joes one of the best action figures ever. Why? because they can closely imitate the real human poses, they are flexible, but what happened to them now, I cant find them in most of the toy stores in India…..but I could find that they still exists but outside India. Recently found a cool one the Snake Eye, really wanted to have it…but what a pity, I cant find it anywhere in India or online shops in India. Need to go to US or some other countries to buy it he he 🙂 . May be I will go one day. The review here made my wish multiplied uh!! its cool……hope some Indian toy shop read this and get it for me. Or if someone want to gift me I am welcome

 SNAKE EYES….Read here