I am a proud owner of Wacom Bamboo tab (the small one 4×6 :)). It was a fantastic product for a digital artist, but as my level increased yeah my drawing level increased in due course, I found it difficult with Wacom Bambo as the workspace is very less, I have to zoom, scan pan many time to finish a drawing. So i started looking for an alternative tab with bigger workspace and though my aim is to buy a Cintiq I couldnt opt for it because it is too far away from my budget he he. Intuos was also at a higher cost and then i found iBall pf 1209 tab. It had 12×9 workspace which was really nice and have less cost. Though I was a little sceptical about it, I finally decided to go for it. I bought it from ebay. It was quiet big, the tablet was well built and had good quality. It had many touch based buttons which are very useful and configurable, but the pen was not that well built, you have to insert a AAA battery into the pen. Though you cannot get the Tilt brush effects and all as you get in Wacom, almost all the other stuffs can be done with this too. Overall it is really a worth product.