I am never been less crazy about Art, it is always in my blood…to become a good comic artist is my dream…where you can bring your imagination into life and yeah things not just easy and you have to try hard and hard and thats what I am doing. I keep on practising with my pencil and also looking for digital arts. Recently I bought Inkling, it was promising but it lacked bringing life to the things that I draw, so now my thought focussed to Cintiq again..yeah yeah costly stuff..but then my eyes caught to the these two apps for iPad, Adobe Ideas and Procreate. They just saved my money from buying Cintiq. These apps are so smooth and elegant which is the right choice for an artist. Now for me both the apps has their on features and disadvantages, for me I combine my drawings with these two apps and make my final drawing ( yeah…always I am only on the lowest steps for becoming the finest one 🙂 ). One great advantage that Adobe Ideas has is its pixel depth, all the drawings are vector and you can zoom and zoom and zoooom . Procreate has a wide range of brushes, textures etc, they are the best for an artist who draw scenaries (not saying it is not capable of other things). I love both and my confidence is improving.

THANKS A LOT to the developers…and yeah I am also an iOS developer but not this great he he…

Adobe Ideas:-


[hdwplayer id=2] One of my video on procreate….I make rough sketches on my paper and take photo and trace them…not yet
reached in making finest drawing directly in the ipad..please see the video titled Procreate in my entertainment page.