IMG_0332Finally got my hands on Wacom Intuos Creative stylus 2. For quite a long time I have been looking for a pressure supported stylus for iPad. ICS1 had AAAA battery which is rarely available in the market in India so I didn’t go for that option. Now I have ICS2, in my view this is a good product but not the best. It has pressure support as well as smaller tip which would help in precise drawing. The built quality is nice, uses BLE and have rechargeable battery.

The main issue is offset from the tip. This issue kills all the goodness in the product. I use Procreate to make my drawings, I was waiting for them to add support for this stylus but due to the offset issues ( I guess), Procreate decided to not to support the stylus which was heart breaking. For me I am not going to return the product as it is the first pressure stylus that I am having, with the great zooming features of Procreate app, you can overcome the offset issue. With Procreate you have possibilities with this stylus.

Wacom ICS2