I am not that used to buying paid apps from appstore 🙂 , but there are some apps which made me pay for, after seeing their features and one among them is the app WordLens. This is an app with coverts anytext which is shown infront of the camera to the language that you want (ofcourse the supported language), say if you are in another country and you see a signboard which you cannot read, take this app show the signborad to it and it will read for you. This app was in Appstore for quite a long time, but recently only they added support to the language that I required and ta-da I bought it and it works like charm. Kudos to the developers, it is worth paying for this app.

Find the app here:- https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/word-lens/id383463868?mt=8

WordLens In Action