iPhone….one of the great innovation by Apple. Its eveyone’s dream to have one, though I couldnt get one, I got opportunity to develop apps for iPhone. A new language a new IDE, it was a nice experience switching from core Win Mob developer to an iPhone/iPad developer. Anyways no one can become a super coder in a day, for me also there were someone to help, the below are some books that helped me in becoming a successful developer, wanted to share this so that you can also learn and grow.

1. Iphone In Action: Introduction To Web And SDK Development by Christopher Allen,Shannon

2. iPhone SDK Application Development by Jonathan Zdziarski

3. iPhone 3D Programming: Developing Graphical Applications With OpenGL ES by Philip Rideout, Serban Porumbescu

4. Programming With Quartz: 2D And PDF Graphics In Mac OS X by David Gelphman, Bunny Laden

5.Programming In Objective C 2.0 3e,Kochan by Stephen G. Kochan