I reached Germany this week as part of my onsite assignment. This weekend I took a stroll into Saturn, one of the biggest Electronics and Electrical store here, I was looking for Wacom Cintiq which is in all digital artist’s wishlist, I knew that it was costly but I want to check it in the store and have a trial. I searched each nook and corner of the store and found it on one of the sections in the store. Cintiq 12WX was there but sad to me there were no trial pieces and as expected it was costing 1200Euro. Bamboo Touch was available for trial. I did some quick drawings with that. While I was browsing through the shelf my eyes caught up in this product Inking, though I knew about this product before, I havent seen it in real. It was in a nice glass box and the best thing was it had 50% discount 😉 . I didnt think anything and just bought it, though I had a doubt about the availability of its refill.

Now coming to the product, its packaging is awesomely compact, its like you are carrying a most advanced weapon. It had a cable, a pen, a base, 4 refills, rechargeable battery for pen. It accurately records all your drawings and have an option playback the way you drawn a figure. The captured image of good vector quality, but I have to say that it never gives the feel of what you have drawn in paper, but with editing in PS you can bring the feel. A few drawbacks in my opinion are pen is big, unable to erase. All in all it is a worthy product in this cost.

After my trial I started looking for refill availability and I found that refills for pen like Lamy suits to this and another one i found is from ONLINE (www.online-pen.de). I didnt buy it from website but found in a shop.