About Me

Well who am I?…..Its me Anoop.M, a Mechanical Engineer. I hail from the capital city of the Gods Own Country, now what do I do? I am working as a software developer…..yeah!! software developer in a leading IT company. I am a person who likes fantasy and imagination (but I am real 🙂 ).I imagine a lot, dream a lot, wonderful moments when you really think that you are doing something that you want to do and suddenly when the phone rings you realize that everything was just an imagination. I have lots of ideas and plans with in me but failed to get executed due to the traditional flow in the system here (birth –> school–High Percentage—> UG—High Percentage —-> IT Company 😛 ), even this site was also in my plan but could execute only now and this is the start and one by one i will free the queue.

Experience And Skill Sets

I have more than 12 years experience in Software Development field, I worked across multiple languages and domains and currently settled with the high growing “Mobility” domain. I have hands on experience in C, C++, Objective C, Swift, Firebase, Flutter, C# .net, Java (Android). Developed different applications on iPhone/Android/ Apple TV and I love it.

My Hobbies

1. Drawing :- Love to draw comic characters, mostly evilish. My parents always persuade me to draw nature, peace etc, but I can’t, even if I draw a pretty lady her eyes will be cruel he he. Well I am not a pro, I had some drawing skills at my childhood but didnt care about sharpeneing it, but in 2008 after started playing MagicDuel (artwork really attracted me)…I started drawing again and now a level up but still more to go. I own a Wacom Bamboo tablet which is my digital weapon.

2. Games :- Before I joined my company I used computer only as a gaming device, game always. Now also I play games whenever I get time. Mostly play 2 player games since I can play with my brother “the best opponent I can get”.

3. Movies :- My approach towards movies is like this….I watch movies for entertainment..not to cry, so good comedies or full time fights no story is fine with me.Some samples Once Upon A Time in China series.

4.Music :- Another skill I developed after I started my professional career. I learn keyboard. I love music, hear and play. I own a Yamaha PSR-I425 keyboard.

5.Writing :- Writes on personal experiences, fantasy stories (see my story section) and more.

6.Sports :- Cricket, badminton.