Flutter: Plugin to get iso_countries

Often when we develop apps where we need to populate list of countries, search them etc, you may go by adding the data statically or using apis, but here lets use the power that lies with in your mobile phones. Most of the mobile system OS has these information embedded and we can avail those. I encountered a requirement while I was doing a personal project. I managed to create a plugin so that it benifit others, here you go

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Find Comics, Action figures & Collectibles 

I am crazy about Comics, action figures and collectible, I love to collect interesting figures which is my hobby/ passion. Whenever I travel to different places, I keep a day to explore possibilities to find toys and figures and here is a small list of places which really caught my interest, hope this list will find helpful for you also. Stockholm  Comic heaven :- Located in Gamlastan. Have quite good collection of comics and a few collection of action figures. Science Fiction Bokhandeln :- Located in Gamlastan. Have an awesome collection of comics, statues, goodies and limited set of …

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UICollectionViewCells are resetting their size on refresh

Recently I was working on a scrollable tab bar, where I decided to use collectionview with estimatedSize as automatic as the tab titles were dynamic. I used a stackView inside the cell with all proper constraints and used the default flowlayout. Everything worked well unless there was a requirement to reload the tabs and what happened was once the reload happens, size of the cells became wrong, they shrinked suddenly. I could use the sizeForItem api but then I loose the dynamic behavior. Finally below are the steps that I did. I was creating the layout programmatically Set translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints false …

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