Find Comics, Action figures & Collectibles 

I am crazy about Comics, action figures and collectible, I love to collect interesting figures which is my hobby/ passion. Whenever I travel to different places, I keep a day to explore possibilities to find toys and figures and here is a small list of places which really caught my interest, hope this list will find helpful for you also. Stockholm  Comic heaven :- Located in Gamlastan. Have quite good collection of comics and a few collection of action figures. Science Fiction Bokhandeln :- Located in Gamlastan. Have an awesome collection of comics, statues, goodies and limited set of …

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UICollectionViewCells are resetting their size on refresh

Recently I was working on a scrollable tab bar, where I decided to use collectionview with estimatedSize as automatic as the tab titles were dynamic. I used a stackView inside the cell with all proper constraints and used the default flowlayout. Everything worked well unless there was a requirement to reload the tabs and what happened was once the reload happens, size of the cells became wrong, they shrinked suddenly. I could use the sizeForItem api but then I loose the dynamic behavior. Finally below are the steps that I did. I was creating the layout programmatically Set translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints false …

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