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I am crazy about Comics, action figures and collectible, I love to collect interesting figures which is my hobby/ passion. Whenever I travel to different places, I keep a day to explore possibilities to find toys and figures and here is a small list of places which really caught my interest, hope this list will find helpful for you also.


  1. Comic heaven :- Located in Gamlastan. Have quite good collection of comics and a few collection of action figures.
  2. Science Fiction Bokhandeln :- Located in Gamlastan. Have an awesome collection of comics, statues, goodies and limited set of action figures.


  1. Faraos Cigarer :- A fantastic comic as well as figure shop.


  1. Comics Point:- An awesome collector comics, fantastic figures and action figures.


  1. Fnac store :- have books, electronics, action figures and figurines
  2. Müller store :- General purpose store but has some decent collection of action figures, got some awesome dbz figures

Portugal (Albufiera)

  1. Fnac store :- Have books, electronics, action figures and figurines
  2. Brincatoys :- Small but has an awesome collection of figures as well as collectibles
  3. Toys”R”us:– You know it. 🙂


  1. Fnac store :- have books, electronics, action figures and figurines
  2. Retro toys:- Small but has a lot of figures, collectibles as well as retro figures. Very good price.
  3. Comicsbarcelona:- OMG one of the best comics and action figure store. Lots of shf figures, marvel, figurines and fantastic prices.


  1. Figura- Játékbolt :- Great collection of actionfigures, ranging from MOTU, TMNT, Starwars, League Of Legends, Marvel, SHFiguarts, Gundam and much more.
  2. Müller :- They are not a toystore by itself but I used to get some cool DBZ figures and this time I got Beerus

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